The comfiest slippers in human history.

The viral slippers that are cozy enough to sleep in.

  • Insanely comfortable. Perfect for folks with foot or joint pain.
  • Waterproof, and perfect for beach/pool days.

  • Wash 'em, dry'em, treat 'em like garbage if you want to. Cloud slippers are built to take a beating.

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Cloud Slippers - Cushioned Slides

Cloud Slippers - Cushioned Slides

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Relief, comfort and style

Our Cushioned Slides are the sandals relieve foot pain and joint discomfort thanks to their thick and soft build.

Therapeutic pain relief

Ergonomically designed with a thick sole, with a slight inclined angle of 15° which balances the pressure throughout your foot.

  • Made from EVA material
  • Soft and resilient
  • Concave-convex textured sole
  • Non-slip and wear-resistant
  • Quiet step - no sound made when walking
  • 1.8"/4.5cm sole
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